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Meet us at the Iceland Geothermal Conference 2024

As a proud strategic partner of the Iceland Geothermal Conference (IGC) 2024, Green by Iceland is excited to support this pivotal event, now in its fifth edition at the renowned Harpa Conference Centre in May 2024. Themed "Redefine Tomorrow with Geothermal," IGC 2024 continues to be a leading event in the geothermal sector, drawing industry professionals and experts from around the globe to discuss, explore, and shape the future of renewable energy.

IGC 2024, hosted by the Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster and its members, has evolved into a significant platform for showcasing the innovative capabilities of geothermal energy. It highlights the sector's vast potential and emphasizes the importance of its diverse applications, making it an essential event for anyone involved in the field of renewable energy.

As a strategic partner, Green by Iceland is committed to fostering the growth and success of the Icelandic geothermal sector. Our involvement in IGC 2024 allows us to facilitate meaningful connections between Icelandic green companies and international counterparts. This collaboration is not just about sharing Iceland's extensive expertise and innovative approaches; it's about creating lasting partnerships that will drive further innovation and ensure a sustainable and greener future for our planet.

Meet Green by Iceland at IGC 2024, where we will continue to inspire change and lead the way in transforming the landscape of renewable energy. Join us as we collaborate to redefine what tomorrow looks like with geothermal energy.

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Iceland Geothermal Conference 2024