Green by Iceland

Our Climate Future

Our Climate Future is an annual event hosted by Green by Iceland and Business Iceland in different countries each year in collaboration with the Icelandic Embassy of the host country. The initiative brings together key government figures, industry leaders, and civil society groups from around the world to address the pressing challenges of climate change.

Different location of the event underscores the global nature of the climate crisis and the imperative for international cooperation. Leveraging Iceland's status as the world's largest producer of green energy per capita and its longstanding leadership in renewable energy, Our Climate Future serves as a cross-country collaboration platform.

At Our Climate Future, attendees engage in in-depth discussions on potential climate action steps and partnership opportunities. Through knowledge exchange and strategic dialogue, participants glean insights from Iceland's rich experience in renewable energy, offering valuable lessons for addressing today's energy security and climate challenges.

The summit convenes government representatives, businesses, and civil society groups, facilitating dialogue on strengthening international cooperation to achieve climate goals. By rotating the event location annually and partnering with the Icelandic Embassy, Our Climate Future ensures a diverse range of perspectives and regional challenges are addressed, fostering a more inclusive approach to global climate action.

NEXT EVENT IS ON JUNE 20, 2024 in Denver