Green by Iceland
Green by Iceland at E-World 2023

Geothermal house heating has worked wonders in Iceland and has the potential to heat homes across the world. Click on the picture above to watch our video.

E-World 2023

Energy and water

Iceland has been harvesting renewable energy for more than a century.

100% of electricity and house-heating needs are met with renewables in Iceland. Furthermore, Icelandic companies have been developing projects where CO2 emissions are captured, turned into stone and stored underground at an industrial scale. Turning green hydrogen and CO2 from geothermal power plants or other sources into liquid methanol for fuel application, greener chemicals, and products, has also advanced as a solution available worldwide.

We are joined by 5 Icelandic companies at Hall 1 - Stand 217. Meet our Icelandic experts there and learn more.

Meet our companies

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ON Power

ON Power is a leading power company that produces electricity, mainly by harnessing geothermal energy, to more than half of the population of Iceland. The company is a world leader in the utilization of geothermal energy, and produces electricity and geothermal water for heating.

For further information please visit our website or contact Stefan Fannar Stefánsson, Business Development Manager,

Snerpa Power

Snerpa Power activates Power Intensive Users (PIUs) of electricity in flexibility and balancing markets and automates their processes for load scheduling. Our intelligent Energy Management System connects users directly to electricity markets which leads to the improved competitiveness of industries, increased efficiency of the power system and an accelerated energy transition. The sustainable and intelligent use of energy resources is our passion and we believe that through innovation, automation and digitalisation of industrial load there are gains to be made for our industries and the society as a whole. 

For further information please visit our website or contact Íris Baldursdóttir, CEO,


Imagine turning all excess energy into highly valuable, sustainable e-fuel. Atmonia is making that a reality through development of our novel electrolyser system. It instantly begins to produce ammonia e-fuel whenever excess energy is available and stops when it's not, making it the perfect solution for intermittent renewable energy such as wind and solar. Our system uses only air, water, and electricity to produce sustainable ammonia e-fuel, which can be easily stored and turned back into energy through fuel cells, or used for other applications.

For further information please visit our website or contact Hákon Örn Birgisson, CBO,


EFLA is a general engineering and consulting company based in Iceland with international activities and consultancy around the globe.

In recent years, EFLA has participated in several initiatives aimed at promoting greener, more efficient energy solutions. Experts within the company are at the forefront of development in the energy transition and implementing technology, paving the way for green energy solutions as well as carbon capture and disposal. 

EFLA has participated equally in domestic and international collaborative projects, closely monitoring global developments. EFLA has developed a knowledge network that customers and the community will benefit from. In this important journey, the company's experts in green energy solutions intend to continue to contribute their part to battling global warming.

EFLA prides itself on having highly qualified professionals with vast knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields. The organization places a high emphasis on environmental and social responsibilities in all aspects of its operations and continuously strives to fulfil them.

Our mission is to enable and support the success of our customers and society as a whole by providing progressive and value-driven solutions.

For further information please visit our website or contact Ágústa Steinunn Loftsdóttir, Energy Consulting,

HS Orka

HS Orka supplies green electricity from renewable sources, geothermal and hydro. The company also offers clean CO2, steam, ground sea, hot clean sea, silica and other byproducts of its geothermal operations.

HS Orka operates a Resource Park on the southwest Reykjanes peninsula of Iceland in the middle between Europe and the US, with direct access to sea and fresh sea water is the best situated geothermal park in the country, close to Reykjavík and easily accessible internationally with efficient logistics to mainland Europe and North America.

For further information please visit our website or contact Jóhann Snorri Sigurbergsson Business Development Manager,