Green by Iceland

Photo by Andreas Omvik. Copyright Nordisk Råd og Nordisk Ministerråd.

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP)

The annual UN Climate Change conference, known as COP, serves as the preeminent multilateral decision-making forum for addressing global climate challenges, boasting near-universal participation from nations worldwide.

At COP, the international community converges to forge agreements aimed at tackling the climate crisis, including critical objectives such as limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, enhancing the resilience of vulnerable communities to climate impacts, and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Building upon the foundation laid by the Paris Agreement in 2015, COP provides a platform for member states' negotiating committees to deliberate on the progress and future strategies concerning climate action.

While the primary focus remains on governmental negotiations, COP also attracts a diverse array of stakeholders, including representatives from interest groups, municipalities, and corporations. This convergence of key actors underscores the conference's significance as a hub for exchanging insights, sharing solutions, and catalysing collaborative efforts in addressing climate-related challenges.

In recent years, the Icelandic private sector has increasingly engaged with COP, with participation ranging from attendance to active involvement in seminars and related activities. This heightened engagement reflects the business sector‘s commitment to advancing climate solutions, fostering partnerships, and facilitating international cooperation in transitioning to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Green by Iceland facilitates the participation of the Icelandic business delegation at COP in close collaboration with the Icelandic Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Climate. Through this collaboration, Icelandic companies gain opportunities to contribute to discussions on climate issues and solutions on a global scale.