Green by Iceland

420 kV Modalen – Mongstad, Norway. Photo by BKK / EFLA

Power Transmission Systems

Icelandic companies have long-established expertise in designing power transmission systems to withstand harsh conditions and natural hazards. They have also accumulated knowledge in low-impact, environmentally sustainable design. 

Most of Iceland's renewable energy is sourced far from population centers over rough terrain. Icelandic companies have engineered and developed innovative transmission systems that factor in Iceland's temperamental geology, icing, and extreme winds. Iceland has a single defined transmission system that connects several distribution networks. The Icelandic transmission system carries electricity from hydro and geothermal powerplants to utilities and energy-dependent industries throughout the country. The grid is run on renewables and includes more than 3,000km (1,900 miles) of transmission lines and about 70 substations and transformer stations. Icelandic experts have achieved extensive knowledge and comprehensive experience in planning and designing transmission systems, having worked on projects worldwide for decades. 

Icelandic companies have achieved remarkable success in designing power transmission systems worldwide. The projects spread over 30 countries in the last 40 years. The work includes all kind of engineering and consultancy services such as planning, design, uprating, procurement and various special studies for overhead transmission lines (OHTL) ranging from 11 – 500 kV. Examples are transmission lines that can withstand extremely harsh climate conditions and natural hazards and OHTL that fulfill the ever increasing focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

Icelandic specialists have worked cooperatively on projects with international electricity transmission companies, operators, and consultants to find affordable, environmentally sensitive solutions for each unique project. Participating in wide-ranging international projects has also provided Icelandic specialists with a different perspective and the expertise to work on complicated projects cost-effectively, focusing on safety, quality, and the environment.

Power Transmission Systems of Iceland