Green by Iceland

Geothermal house heating has worked wonders in Iceland and has the potential to heat homes across the world. Click on the picture above to watch our video.

Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition 2023

Iceland has been harvesting renewable energy for more than a century. Meet us at the Green by Iceland booth A-119 !

Throughout the years, Icelandic experts have worked on numerous international projects providing specialized consultation within the field based on decades of experience in Iceland and abroad. Icelandic companies and consultants have been involved in geothermal projects all over the world, including Indonesia, Kenya, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, El Salvador, Ethiopia and China.

 As a small nation, Icelanders are used to cooperating effectively with larger partners abroad and Icelandic companies often work together on international projects. This year we are joined by 5 Icelandic companies at booth, no. A-119. Meet our experts there and learn more.

Meet Icelandic companies

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North Tech Drilling

North Tech Drilling (NTD), a subsidiary of the Icelandic company North Tech Energy, specializes in supplying energy companies with proficient and flexible talent for geothermal drilling services around the world.

For your geothermal drilling projects to be completed on schedule, and within budget, you will need experts with experience.

​NTD is offering state-of-the-art drilling rigs, and equipment that is designed specifically for geothermal drilling. The specialized rig for small hole drilling is track-mounted in order for mobilization within difficult areas. This helps NTD minimize our environmental footprint, as well as infrastructure and mobilization costs. We are one of few companies in the world that has experience in drilling geothermal exploration and production wells, and setting up flow test equipment, including performing flow tests.

Verkís Consulting Engineers

Since 1932 Verkís has been at the forefront of design and engineering for hydropower projects in Iceland. Verkís also has significant experience worldwide, i.a. Greenland, Norway, Georgia, Tanzania... The firm has decades of continuous experience and provides services related to all aspects of harnessing hydropower in greenfield projects as well as for refurbishment and upgrade of existing plants. These include small, medium and large-scale projects in different challenging environments, especially in cold climates. Verkís provides all-round service for all hydropower processes: from feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses, and the preparation of tender documents to final design, construction supervision, testing and commissioning.

Mannvit Engineering

Mannvit is a leading geothermal development consultant with six decades of experience in Iceland and more than 30 countries.

Our comprehensive suite of consulting services encompasses the entire project lifecycle, spanning from preliminary feasibility studies and reservoir modeling to drilling consultation, plant design, and meticulous technical due diligence for existing power plants.

Mannvit's experience in engineering and know-how in steam-field and geothermal power plant design is unparalleled. This proficiency is complemented by an array of supplementary services including Project Management and operational and refurbishment consultation, underscoring our commitment to ensuring the optimal performance and sustainability of projects.

In Southeast Asia, Mannvit has been actively working for geothermal operators and developers both in Indonesia and the Philippines since 2013


We are a private national geothermal consulting company in Indonesia. We have been providing consultancy services on various type of operations to many geothermal projects in Indonesia, from geothermal operators, contractors to international financial institutions. We are applying a high standard of service quality that meets the requirements on internationally recognized projects.

Rigsis has expertise in drilling engineering & operation and mechanical engineering. Our consultants are professionals with solid competency in their field respectively and have been involved in almost all geothermal areas in Indonesia, either in the exploration and/or development phase. Rigsis provides training program and sharing session for our consultants to obtain the specific knowledge, skill set and expertise. With these all combine, we own a data driven and experienced consultants that will deliver the best solutions to our clients.


Iceland Geosurvey is a worldwide leader in research and development of geothermal energy.  It offers consulting and research services in most areas of geothermal applications. IG’s experts have experience from consulting and servicing Icelandic energy companies and authorities, as well as international bodies, for decades.

IG’s strategy is to offer its customers efficient services and reliable consulting, based on the best available knowledge at any time. Iceland GeoSurvey offers consulting, services and training in the following fields:

  • Mapping
  • Geoscientific measurements
  • Chemical analysis
  • Location of drilling holes
  • Assessment and operation of geothermal systems
  • Groundwater and drinking water
  • Information systems
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