Green by Iceland

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HYDRO 2023

Icelanders have over 100 years of experience in designing, building, and maintaining large-scale hydropower stations and power transmission systems. Meet us at the Green by Iceland booth!

We are joined by 5 Icelandic companies at booth, no. 135, exhibition area 1. Meet our experts there and learn more.

Meet Icelandic companies

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Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company of Iceland

Landsvirkjun was founded in 1965 as the National Power Company of Iceland. The company builds, runs and refurbishes hydroelectric, geothermal and wind projects. It now owns and operates 15 hydroelectric, 3 geothermal and 2 wind power stations in Iceland with an installed capacity of around 2,150 MW and annual generation about 14 TWh. Landsvirkjun is a leader in generation of electricity from renewable resources in Iceland and is among the larger renewable energy companies in Europe. The company expects to continue constructing new renewable power projects in the future. Our vision is that climate change can be managed through renewable energy solutions. We provide advisory and co-development partnership solutions across hydro and geothermal power value chains. We partner with technical and financial services and will consider co-investment opportunities. We provide expertise in development, construction and operations of renewable power schemes with main emphasis on hydropower and geothermal power plants, and a growing interest in wind power.

For further information, please contact Rikardur Rikardsson, Managing Director of Landsvirkjun Power or Thorhallur Hrafnsson, Project Manager, Landsvirkjun.

Verkís Consulting Engineers

Since 1932 Verkís has been at the forefront of design and engineering for hydropower projects in Iceland. Verkís also has significant experience worldwide, i.a. Greenland, Norway, Georgia, Tanzania... The firm has decades of continuous experience and provides services related to all aspects of harnessing hydropower in greenfield projects as well as for refurbishment and upgrade of existing plants. These include small, medium and large-scale projects in different challenging environments, especially in cold climates. Verkís provides all-round service for all hydropower processes: from feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses, and the preparation of tender documents to final design, construction supervision, testing and commissioning.

 For further information, please contact Carine Chatenay, Marketing Manager, Verkis.

Mannvit Engineering

Mannvit Engineering provides a wide range of technical services in the field of energy, industry, and infrastructure. Mannvit is a leading engineering firm in hydroelectric energy and design of hydropower plants, auxiliary systems, and power transmission systems. Mannvit has provided engineering design on hydropower projects ranging from 1MW to 690MW. The company has over 50 years of experience in hydroelectric power and provides services for geothermal, hydropower and transmission projects in markets such as Europe, Eastern Africa, and Asia.

From Research to Refurbishment
Our hydropower specialists offer a comprehensive suite of hydroelectric design and consulting services in all phases of large and small hydroelectric power development, including hydraulic design, hydroelectric dams, intakes, spillways, tunnels, penstocks, electromechanical equipment, EIA, power transmission lines and substations. Refurbishment of control systems and substations.

Recent projects include Bruarvirkjun (10 MW), Burfell II (100 MW), Budarhals (95 MW), Hvammur (93 MW) in Iceland. Qorlortorsuaq (8 MW) in Greenland, Trollvikelva (6 MW), Bergselva (5 MW) and Kjeldalselva (5 MW) in Norway.

For further information, please contact Gunnar Herbertsson, Mechanical Engineer, Mannvit.

EFLA Consulting Engineers

EFLA is a general engineering and consulting company based in Iceland with international activities and consultancy around the globe. EFLA and its predecessors have a successful history spanning 50 years. In October 2008, the merger of four Icelandic engineering consultancy companies was formally announced under the name of EFLA Consulting Engineers. As an acknowledged leader in its field, EFLA emphasizes innovation, cooperation, and courage, and regards its employees as its most valuable resource. EFLA has affiliated companies based in Norway, Sweden, France, Poland, Scotland, Turkey, and Germany. EFLA prides itself on having highly qualified professionals with vast knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields. The organization places a high emphasis on environmental and social responsibilities in all aspects of its operations and continuously strives to fulfill them. Our mission is to enable and support the success of our customers and society as a whole by providing progressive and value-driven solutions.

For further information, please contact Árni Sveinn Sigurðsson, Mechanical Engineer, EFLA or Einar Andrésson, Electrical Engineer, EFLA.


Orkusalan was established on 1 February 2007 and is a subsidiary of Rarik. The object of Orkusalan is first and foremost to produce, buy and sell electricity to private parties, commercial undertakings and public bodies throughout Iceland. Orkusalan buys electricity mainly from Landsvirkjun but also owns six hydro power stations across the country.The power plants of Orkusalan are different in size and type, but the total capacity from all the stations is 37 MW with total production of 275 GWh in 2017. Lagarfoss Station is Orkusalan’s biggest station. Orkusalan focuses on reducing the company´s carbon footprint as well as maintaining carbon neutrality every year. The company places great emphasis on social responsibility in all its work and wants to have a positive impact on the enviroment and society as a whole. Orkusalan´s vision for the future is to improve the living standards of the public by creating new opportunities in the production and sale of renewable energy. Orkusalan is based on simple services at favorable prices. Our values are professionalism, team spirit, courage and joy.

For further information, please contact Thorhallur Halldorsson, Director of research and development, Orkusalan.

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